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      1. 產品資料


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        產品名稱: 便攜式多功能溫度校準爐
        產品型號: PTC165 & PTC165i
        產品廠商: Druck(德魯克)
        產品文檔: 無相關文檔

        The calibrators of the Premium TC series are characterised by their unparalleled performance and outstanding ease of operation. By means of the intuitive menu structure, all necessary inputs can be made quickly and easily. The large touch screen has plenty of room to display the reference, target and devices under test temperatures.

        便攜式多功能溫度校準爐 的詳細介紹

        PTC165 & PTC165i highlights

        Patented control technology - Fastest stabilisation times on the market - Time savings of up to 50 %

        Four functions in one calibrator (dry block / calibration bath / infrared / surface)

        ? Large calibration volume / large calibration insert for simultaneous calibration of many devices under test

        Patented touch screen function for simple and convenient operation

        ? Automatic generation of the calibration certificate

        ? Optional as pharmaceutical and food industry version with stainless steel housing

        ? Accessories: device under test management with barcode scanner

        Available with integrated measuring instrument→ PTC165i

        Druck temperature calibrators 

        Druck temperature calibrators are used for the verification of the functionality and calibration of temperature measuring devices and temperature sensors with a special focus on long-term reliability and utmost accuracy in combination with easy operation.

         Every Druck temperature calibrator is meticulously tested for accuracy and stability. This is attested by our standard calibration certificate, which we issue with every temperature calibrator, or by means of an optional ISO 17025 calibration certificate. This is to guarantee that you receive a perfect product which can be traced back to national and international temperature measurement standards.


        Four functions in one temperature calibrator

        ? Covering all calibration tasks with only one model: Dry block, infrared and surface calibration as well as calibration by means of a calibration bath

        → Cost savings due to a reduction in the number of versions required

        ? Quick and easy change between the calibration functions

        ?  Additional calibration functions for your application

         → Dry block for aseptic sensors

         →  Air Shield Insert for the best measurement uncertainties

         →  Different media for liquid calibration

        Temperature control with ultra high speed (UHS) controller

        ? Temperature regulator with model-based state control

        ? Special regulation algorithm based on knowledge and experience from space travel

        ? Unique temperature stability of < 0.001 °C / K

        ? Anticipatory activation of the heating and cooling elements

        The settling time to the target temperature is reduced by approx. 90% at each calibration point

        Time savings of up to 50% with each calibration process


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